What is your favorite kind of food?
Mine is, well, I don’t really know what my favorite food is. Food is just to good to choose one favorite. I do have some food I like a little more than others, but more than eating food, I like to cook one of my favorite things to cook is crepes. I love cooking crepes because they aren’t to hard to make, they don’t make to many dishes (so I don’t have to wash as many dishes afterwards), and I have the recipe memorized. Oh, on the note of the recipe why don’t I tell you how to make crepes.

The recipe for crepes:

1 cup of flour
1 egg
1 1/2 cups milk

The steps to making crepes are:

First you need to mix all the ingredients together then when there are no more lumps of batter (this is very important) bore some batter on to a pan the cook for 30 sec. or until you are able to flip it then cook the other side till golden then repeat that step until you are out of batter. Then you can add any topping you like!


Edited by: Meghan & Arwen