Thank you!

Thank you.

Thank you.

It’s Darion, I’m back! How many of you missed me? Oh, you in the green shirt? You really missed me! Oh that’s so nice, but this post isn’t about me so f-f-forget about me (you have no idea how hard that was to say). Hey, it was just a joke, back off.

So enough with the fun and games, it’s time to get down to work.

First off I just want to say thank  you to those who take the time to leave well written comments. It really means a lot to me.
Leaving comments means a lot to any blogger, it makes us blogger’s feel good that people are taking time out of your day to read our work, (we always try so hard to make it something you can enjoy), and by leaving comments you inspire us bloggers to dig even deeper when we write.

So it really is thanks to you that all my writing is so good. (I am not trying to brag. Honest!)

Thank you.

From Darion

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The mouse killer

The mouse killer

Have you ever felt  a mixed feelings? I have, I felt three things, Ew, aw, and grrr.
My story is a little strange. Do you want to here it?
Does anyone need to use the bathroom? Oh, you sir, well hold it.
Okay, let me begin.

“Okay. Time to go.” my mom called me from my room. I through myself up stairs.
I was excited because I was heading to a friends house.
Putting on my shoes, I headed outside…
Coming to a halt, I squinted and looked really close at my front yard, there I saw a gray lump. Looking again at the lump I realized it was a mouse (AW), I wanted to get a closer look so I walked towards it and it struck me, the mouse was dead.

Yeah! That is the EW bit.
Okay back to the story.

Running back inside I called my mom to come take a look at the poor creature.
My mom came outside and walked right over to the mouse. Then she looked over her shoulder at me then told me to get her a plastic bag.
After I got the bag and gave it to her I asked what had killed the mouse…
Okay here comes the grrr bit of the story.
After we got in the car to head out my mom replied to me with a simple “one of our cats… most likely yours.”
yep, you guessed it right, I was angry at Diva and/or Sparky (my cats)

So that is my experience. Can you tell me yours?

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Short posts

There way to long!

They're way to long!

Hi, I usually write big/long posts, so, I decided to write a short post on why I don’t write short posts.

The reason I do not write short posts is because, I always have a hard time choosing something that is a short subject, (like why I do not write short posts, bad openers, how to annoy people, why are parents change, etc…)
I like all those ideas but I know stuff is missing!
That is why I need your help to figure out what is missing.
Can you help me?
Please! Please! Please! Help me!
Thank you.

Hold up before I let you leave let me tell you to keep your eyes open for more short posts like this one.

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