The Big Move

Last summer something really big happened… I moved to a whole new province! The move was hard, long, sad and scary! But in the end it was worth it!

This is how the move happened:

In the summer we visited a beautiful little town called Sylvan Lake in Alberta. After the family holiday my parents asked my brother and I if we wanted to move to the little town. I said yes not really and my brother said no and even with our answers my parents talked about it for awhile then they decided that a move would be good for the family.

Saying good bye to my friends was the hardest thing I have ever done!

We drove for two days stopping for the night in a hotel in Salmon Arm, BC. When we finally go to Sylvan Lake we stayed in our trailer with my dog and my two cats. But we have now moved into our nice house beside my school.

That is how the move happened and although miss the Comox Valley and the people that live there. I’m happy here In Sylvan Lake, Alberta. I have made many new friends and fallen in love.

So if moving is in your future let me tell that its not as bad as it seems at first.

Would you…

Would you ever jump out of a plane? Have you ever wanted to be a SAR tech. Have you ever been in danger and need a rescue?

Can you please answer these question and I will answer them as well.

  1. Jumping out of a plane sounds like a  lot of fun and I would jump out of a plane if I wasn’t going to die (yeah I know I am not going to die if I jump out of a plane. I’m kind of paranoid)
  2. Have I ever wanted to be a S.A.R. tech yes and no I would love to save someone and when  I was young I wanted to every thing a SAR tech being one of the jobs on a very long list.
  3. Have I ever need a rescue no and yes I was not in danger just lost in a camp ground and my friend had to come find me.

What are your answers?

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The wind whips my hair around my face as the water try to give me salt water kisses. My feat were frozen from having to stand in the cold waters of the Marina in the Comox Valley as we put up the sail and  took the rudder pins.

But before I start telling you about the ships we sailed on, I should tell you what I’m talking about. My whole class has 8 fabulous sailing sessions with Compass Adventures.

If you have seen my other post Ten Things That Terrify Me you would know that water really scares me and when we were sailing I had to put my fear behind me which isn’t easy when you are as scared as I am.

The ships we sailed on were called Hobie Cats, they were also a type of catamarans.

We sailed on boatsjust like this.

We sailed on boats just like this.







Have you ever sailed on any type of boat?

Image by: Paul Drummond

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10 things that terrify me!

“Me. Terrified. As if. Okay, I guess it happens, a lot.”

The top ten things that terrify me are…

(Not in order)

  1. Water (ocean, lakes, rivers, not drinking water or pool water).
  2. Getting burned (bad like second or third degree burn).
  3. Getting in fights with friends.
  4. Getting bitten by a shark (or any aquatic animal).
  5. Snapping my spinal cord.
  6. Breaking any bone in my body.
  7. Getting locked up in a jail cell for my lifetime (Don’t worry I am not a criminal, I have only ever gone in a jail cell because I was on tour of an air port).
  8. The thought of moving far, far away.
  9. Robber’s/Thieves.
  10. The thought that all of these might come true.

That was hard for me to admit, so it would be so nice if you could write back the top 5 things that terrify you.

Update!!! I havej ust recantly moved to Sylvan Lake Alberta and it wasn”t as bad as I thought!

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Girl Guides and Lady Baden Powell

Hey, have you ever heard of Girl Guides? Well, Girl Guides is a organization for all girls to join. It is a total success too! There are over eight thousand Girl Guides in British Columbia! Isn’t that a lot?

Right now in Girl Guides I am a third year –it is my last year of guides, then it is on to Pathfinders. Pathfinders are the next level up from guides. Yeah!– and third years get a special honor of getting a pin called the Lady Baden Powell Pin. To earn this pin you must complete the Lady Baden Powell Challenge and one of the activities is to share my guiding experiences with people who are not in guides. So if you are reading this then you are totally awesome. Thanks.

Guides go from grade four to grade six. And I am in grade six.

I am a very lucky to have my mom as my guider (she is the one who organizes every thing. Go mom!) she works with two other guiders who are called Joanne and Shelly. I love my guiders.

Some of my favorite guiding moments are from Horn Lake Cave Camp, it was so much fun. I also love selling cookies, they are so good, mint in the fall and vanilla and chocolate in the spring. I love working on badges (they are hard to earn and I have over 30 badges). And I also love just being involved in the fun activities my leaders plan!

You should try to find a Girl Guide Unit (or Pathfinders or Rangers or if you are past grade 6 or if you are younger there are groups called Sparks and Brownies. You could even start a unit of any group).

If you like the sound of guides check out Girl Guides Can Blog.

If you have any questions you can leave them in a comment below.

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Class election

Hi, Darion here reporting For H.S.N.N. (Huzzahnian Social Network News). How are you all?

Well I am feeling good about who I voted for…

Sorry I am getting too far a head of myself, let me tell you what happened at our class election.

During our class election there were six people running. (I was one of them.  It took a lot of nerve to stand in front of a class and tell them why they should vote you. So good job to those who tried it.) The six people that ran were Meghan, Molly, Keenan, Max, Jack and myself Darion

The only people that got elected were Meghan, Max, and Jack.

It was a fair win on there part because our returning officer, was keeping a close eye to make sure all was fair.

But it wasn’t just him that made it fair. It was the rules that made it really fair. Yes, the rules.

The rules were rules like don’t look at someone else’s work, don’t try to make someone else change there mind.

Everyone got to vote if they wanted to.

It had to be private you couldn’t look at some one else’s vote.

Thanks to the good people of Huzzah, the election went well.


A person is feeling evil as they place a ad in the voting booth.

(Note any of the following images that something was being done and or someone is scolded happen but it was on request  of the Queen O f The Universe. Thank You.)

Our return officer with his serious face

Our return officer with his serious face

goood job to all thses people

good job to all these people

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What is your favorite kind of food?
Mine is, well, I don’t really know what my favorite food is. Food is just to good to choose one favorite. I do have some food I like a little more than others, but more than eating food, I like to cook one of my favorite things to cook is crepes. I love cooking crepes because they aren’t to hard to make, they don’t make to many dishes (so I don’t have to wash as many dishes afterwards), and I have the recipe memorized. Oh, on the note of the recipe why don’t I tell you how to make crepes.

The recipe for crepes:

1 cup of flour
1 egg
1 1/2 cups milk

The steps to making crepes are:

First you need to mix all the ingredients together then when there are no more lumps of batter (this is very important) bore some batter on to a pan the cook for 30 sec. or until you are able to flip it then cook the other side till golden then repeat that step until you are out of batter. Then you can add any topping you like!


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The Best Place To Visit Is…

This is the sign for Forbidden Plateau

This is the sign for Forbidden Plateau it says Wood Mountain Ski Park.

Forbidden Plateau!

I love Forbidden Plateau.  It is a nice place, it’s not too big but it is a great sledding hill.  I personally have gone up Forbidden Plateau over six times this winter and I think were going up again!

The snow is really high on Forbidden plateau this year, and it is good snow fluffy to!

There is a lot of things you can do on the hill, my favorite is sledding.   Forbidden Plateau has some really great sled runs. Some other things you can do there are snow ball fights, cross country skiing, and anything to do with snow, besides downhill skiing (the ground is a little to level so you would go a little too slow.)

I guess I forgot to point out that I only listed things to do on the winter and although the winter is a blast, it is beautiful in the summer.   In the summer you can go for hikes, go feed the Whiskey Jack’s, and there are even more things like well any thing really.

So if ever visit the Comox Valley, you should definitely check out Forbidden Plateau!

Oh, and you should click on this link to read The legend of Forbidden Plateau. (please don’t let the legend turn you off from visiting Forbidden Plateau.)

Image by Nemo’s Great Uncle

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Easter Greetings From The Ukrainian

Have you ever seen a egg that is bright, beautiful, and detailed?
Yes of course you have, you make them yourself, they’re Easter eggs.
But I am not talking about any normal Easter egg. Oh no I am talking about Pysanky Easter eggs.

This egg is done by a profesional.

This egg is done by a professional.

The colors of Pysanky eggs are yellow, green, brown well you can use any color but not all colors have meaning.

The meanings are:

White– Purity, innocence and birth

Red– Happiness, life, hope, passion and the sun

Green– Spring new growth and hope

Light Blue– The sky with its life giving air, good health

Black– Eternity, darkest time before dawn

Brown– Mother Earth

Yellow– Light youth, happiness and the harvest

Purple– Patience and trust

Now that you now the colors and a couple of ideas on how to draw pysanky style, try your own egg and let me now how it went.

My Egg!

My Egg!

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Image by So Joe

Thank you!

Thank you.

Thank you.

It’s Darion, I’m back! How many of you missed me? Oh, you in the green shirt? You really missed me! Oh that’s so nice, but this post isn’t about me so f-f-forget about me (you have no idea how hard that was to say). Hey, it was just a joke, back off.

So enough with the fun and games, it’s time to get down to work.

First off I just want to say thank  you to those who take the time to leave well written comments. It really means a lot to me.
Leaving comments means a lot to any blogger, it makes us blogger’s feel good that people are taking time out of your day to read our work, (we always try so hard to make it something you can enjoy), and by leaving comments you inspire us bloggers to dig even deeper when we write.

So it really is thanks to you that all my writing is so good. (I am not trying to brag. Honest!)

Thank you.

From Darion

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Image by: Gisela Giardino